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Why Wiingy

Robotics Kit

Our DIY kit is 100% fun and 100% safe. With over a hundred unique possibilities, it’s a great tool to expand your kid’s creativity.

Wiingy’s own coding platform

WiinBlock, our proprietary coding platform, unlike most other platforms, is designed to accommodate all levels of coding. From Block coding to actual coding, your child can choose one based on their grade.

Curriculum & Pricing

Wiingy Mission

Dedicated to enabling technology education access for all

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Wiingy provides experiential teacher led online technology education to young students (grades 1 to 9) across the globe.

Our innovative courses employ principles of mechanics, electricity, and programming while students design and assemble robotic machines based on our proprietary kit - Robox. Students write computer code on our software and hardware coding platform - WiinBlock to operate their creations.

This experiential learning methodology helps in holistic development of children with 21st century skills - creativity, critical thinking, communication & collaboration.


Will my child find the course too difficult or too easy?

Our courses are meant for children over the age of 8. Every child is different, so we will assess them and adapt our methodology accordingly.

What is the duration of the course?

Our Learner level is 20 hours and every class is an hour long.

Our Creator level is 48 hours and every class is an hour long.

Our Innovator level is 140 hours and every class is an hour long.

What is in the robotics kit?

The kit is a careful selection of components that make for a thorough understanding of robotics. The box comprises a multimeter, DC motors, battery packs, breadboards, well-insulated wires and LEDs, resistors, capacitors, programmable microcontroller, car building chassis, wheels, pump, sensors, insulating tapes, electronics chips, photoresistor, motor driver to name a few.

Can my child continue to learn using the kit after course?

Of course. Your child will have lifetime access to our pre-recorded classes and reading material. He/she can continue to learn and create new projects even after the course. Your child can also sign up for the intermediate or advanced levels.

Who will clarify my child’s doubts?

We love it when students are inquisitive. We also understand that some children may be introverted or shy. That’s why our classes are 1:1 and live where children feel less inhibited to express themselves. On top of that, students may also schedule a short doubt-clarifying-session with their teachers.

When will I get the Robotics Kit?

We usually ship within 48 hours of payment. The delivery may take around 7 business days.

When will the classes begin after I register?

The classes will commence soon after you’ve received the Wiingy Robotics kit. We usually ship the kit within 48 hours of sign-up. And the delivery may take 5-7 business days.

What if my child misses a class?

You may reschedule a class once, 72 hours prior to the class.

Do you ship to my location?

We ship and provide the classes across the globe.

Still having some doubts?

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